Material Supply

    1. Understand client’s business needs and urgencies, follow their procurement policies & procedures and manage purchases in shortest turn around times.
    2. Act as an on-ground purchasing arm of corporates by taking requests from them, submitting best prices and deliver materials upon receipt of Purchase Order.
    3. Participate in Material Supply tenders, offer best rates and deliver materials either one-time or on a recurring basis.
    4. Typical materials supplied includes
  • Engineering spares & consumables – predominantly MEP related
  • Mild catering supplies – Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Coffee Mate, Paper Cups, Cookies etc.
  • Stationary
  • Cleaning & hygiene consumables
  • Others materials like Tools, Furniture, Tiles, Building Block, Paint etc.


  1. Fit-out of Commercial, Retail and Residential spaces
  2. MEP Systems upgrade in buildings
  3. Capital Asset replacements
  4. Projects driven by complex technical issues in built environment
  5. Painting projects
  6. Waterproofing and Civil refurbishments
  7. Infrastructural projects like compound walls, wire fencing, parking construction, interlock works etc.

Facilities Management

  1. Cleaning
  2. Hospitality services
  3. Building Maintenance & Repairs – HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
  4. Setup of CAFM system to manage FM Helpdesk, preventive and reactive maintenance
  5. Manpower Supply – Drivers, Technicians, Messengers etc.

Energy, Sustainability & Environment

  1. Supply & installation of UV devices for HVAC system to improve air quality
  2. Consultancy for Waste minimization and recycling initiatives
  3. Consultancy for Energy savings initiatives
  4. Energy saving projects in traditionally build old buildings:
  • Supply and installation of presence detectors, LEDs, timers etc. for optimizing energy consumption in lighting systems
  • Supply and installation of aerators for faucets, sensor-operated faucets, urinals, WC flush tanks etc.
  • Supply and installation of water purification system to replace use of plastic water bottles or containers

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